Last weeks of meetings in France: Brive – Limoges

Last weeks of meetings in France: Brive – Limoges

The last April 23rd, the Transference Brokers Oliver Freire and Edgar Valverde, and the European Projects Manager Camille Esquerré arrived to Brive to begin the last week of visits with Mecanic Vallée’s companies and research centres in the Brive – Limoges region.

The week began with a visit to M-Tecks EAC, a company dedicated to the development, manufacture and assembly of mechanical and electromechanical equipment. During the meeting, F.Marsaleix M-tecks manager explained the company’s needs regarding artificial intelligence.

After the meeting, it was organized a press conference with three regional media. First of all, Camille explained the TurboSudoe project as well as the work of Mecanic Vallée for connecting companies in the region with research centres to promote the growth of these companies and the creation of employment in the region. The Transference Brokers talked about their impressions of the stay in France and the main differences between the Technology Transfer in France and Spain.

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On Tuesday, April 24, a meeting took place between the Transference Brokers and the company I3D Concept in which they talked about the innovation in the 3D printing field.

On Wednesday, April 25, visits took place in the city of Limoges, during the morning the meeting was held with IRCER, which is the most important European Center of Ceramics. During the afternoon it was the turn of IUT – Lycée Turgot Limoges, which is an institute dedicated to training and research in the field of mechanical engineering and computer-integrated manufacturing.

To end the month of stay in France, a conference call was organized between the Transference Brokers in Brive and Camille Esquerré and Hervé Danton in Decazeville. The objective of the conf call was to discuss the feelings and the experience of the stay in the Mecanic Vallée cluster and to establish together the next stages of the project, when the Tb will be back in their respective centers.

On Friday, April 27, the Transference Brokers will returned to their respective offer centres, in the case of Oliver Freire to the Technological Centre EnergyLab and, in the case of Edgar Valverde, to the University of Burgos. During the next months, they will discuss and work on the information gathered and the projects proposed by the companies of both CAAR and Mecanic Vallée clusters with the researchers in order to find innovative solutions to create the technology transfer network.

Visit of the company I3D concept and its manager Jean-Baptiste Pejouane
Meeting with the IUT Limousin team and Ramsei’s technological platform
Interview by F. Marsaleix, company’s manager M-Tecks on the radio Totem