First group of TBs return to Zaragoza

First group of TBs return to Zaragoza

Last October 15th, the Transference Brokers Oliver Freire and Edgar Valverde, arrived to Zaragoza where the second phase of the project between October 15th and November 2nd will take place.

After their arrival in the city, the TBS met with José Ramón Sierra, Director of Innovation for the Automotive Cluster of Aragón. In this meeting, a roadmap was developed in order to coordinate and optimize the actions during the stay.

In the first week in Zaragoza, the TBs had several meetings with different entities like Technological Centre AITIIP or the poultry farm, “Virgen del Rosario”, in which they looked for synergies and possible collaborations in projects.

In the second and third weeks, more visits are planned to different entities such as ITAINNOVA, ENERJOIN, Grupo Jorge or CC Puerto Venecia among others. Some of the visits are the same companies as the first stay on March, in these meetings pending conversations will treat, in order to find a solution to the problems raised during the first stay.

Finally, the TBs Edgar and Oliver will attend an event, the Energetic Coffee, organized by Enerjoin, in which they will talk about the electricity market both in Spain and in Europe, as well as its evolution in short-medium term.