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TuRBO-SUDOE gathers 5 centres offering knowledge on the one hand (4 universities -University of Burgos, University of Malaga, University of Aveiro and University of Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro- and 1 R & D centre -Energylab -), and 3 business associations (1 business federation -FEDACOVA- & 2 clusters -CAAR, Mecanic Vallée-) demanding technology in 3 strategic sectors of SUDOE territory, such as agrifood, automotive and energy/ICTs (crosscutting). KIMBcn, global expert in training and technology transfer, completes the consortium. They all face a common challenge: improving the transference processes in order to facilitate the market exploitation of the knowledge generated in the SUDOE regions, stimulating the involvement of the private sector through the full alignment of the R & D (offer) with the business activities (demand).

The main objective is to act in this research-market interface and make this transfer effective and sustainable through the design, validation and demonstration of a novel role that will act as a bridge and a dynamizer between them: the Transference Broker (TB).
The innovative approach of the project lies in its demonstration in a real environment, which will be developed on three strategic sectors for the SUDOE territory and for the RIS3 strategies of the regions, facilitating its replicability.